Online Bingo for Brits

Online Bingo for Brits

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The explosion in the online bingo industry has seen a particular increase in sites targeted at British bingo players. There are now around 70 UK targeted online bingo halls. These sites are not necessarily UK owned, based or licensed, but they are designed specifically to appeal to British bingo players and capture the UK online bingo market.

So whats the difference between a UK site and any other? Well there are a number of significant features that can set them apart, but there is no consistency in this 스포츠중계 and any given site may actually have very few of these features. Heres my summary of what you might find:

1. They are marketed as UK sites, aimed at UK players. And because they are billed as UK sites, of course most of the players are from the UK! So youll be playing against, and more importantly chatting to, fellow Brits.

2. Game play is in . That is, the prizes, card prices, bonuses and so on are shown in pounds and pence, rather than dollars and cents.

3. Banking transactions are usually in pounds. You can purchase using and your payments will be made in . Sites may also offer the option of using US Dollars or Euros, but the default will...

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