The Low Down On Laminating Film

The Low Down On Laminating Film

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You have a new laminator or perhaps picked up used one along the way. Chances are it came with a good supply of laminating film. However, since you have discovered the many wonderful uses for a laminator, youve run out and its time to replenish your supply. Here are some tips for 셔츠룸 making sure you get the right product for your machine.

Finding the Right Replacement Film

1. You can replace your film with the exact product supplied by the manufacturer. That is always a safe bet.

2. When purchasing online, be sure to have the exact make and model number of your laminating machine. There are some standard sizes for sheets and rolls of laminating film, but they are not universally used by every machine.

3. Measure the feed area of the laminator if you are unable to locate the model number on your unit.

You can also type in the style in an online search and compare it to pictures found on most website. Then you will be able to compare the packaging with the product you need.

The Right Size for the Job

Laminating films also come in different thickness levels to protect at different levels. Your laminator should be able to accept...

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