Wonderful DVD CD Packaging Boxes & Cases!

Wonderful DVD CD Packaging Boxes & Cases!

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Your CDs & DVDs are the greatest of your assets, if you are optical media buff. Certainly, you always want to keep your CDs & DVDs in the ace form, and thus you are always out to grab the nicest dvd cd packaging 셔츠룸 systems on the market. Often, dvd cd packaging cases or boxes are made of the rigid or semi-rigid materials in which your CDs & DVDs usually come packed in. You can find a number of dvd cd packaging systems generally designed to protect your CDs & DVDs from scratches and other types of exposure damages.

Paper envelopes, also known as sleeves, are often used as the simplest and the least expensive form of dvd cd packaging systems. Your paper envelopes with transparent window, making your CD or DVD label visible are bit expensive versions of paper envelopes. Your dvd cd packaging envelopes or sleeves may include paper sleeves, plastic sleeves and tyvec sleeves.

Jewel cases are dvd cd packaging cases, measuring 142 mm 125 mm 10 mm, that usually contain compact discs along with the liner notes and back cards. Jewel dvd cd packaging cases are three-piece plastic cases made of injection-molded polystyrene that has been used since...

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